As per Aadhar Regulations 2016, User Agencies/ Proponents are advised, not to upload any personal/ confidential documents (like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID etc) at the time of filling the online application

List of Proposals submitted Online by User Agencies (Proposals received on or after 15th July 2014)

Note :-All areas are in Hectares(ha.)
Sno.State NameProposal No.Proposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal received electronically at RO/HOView Report of renewal of lease(Form-B) Part-IView Report (Part-II to Part-V and Stage-I Clearances) View TimeLine Details
1 Orissa FP/OR/MIN/9792/2015 Proposal for diversion of balance forest land over 79.252 ha during 1st RML of Panchapatmali South Block Mining lease over 528.262 ha in Koraput Dist. of Odisha by M/S National Aluminium Company Ltd. Mining NALCO 79.252 IN-PRINCIPLE
2 Uttarakhand FP/UK/MIN/20690/2016 Collection Of Miner Minerals from Nandhor and Kailash river. Mining UKFDC 468 IN-PRINCIPLE
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