As per Aadhar Regulations 2016, User Agencies/ Proponents are advised, not to upload any personal/ confidential documents (like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID etc) at the time of filling the online application

List of Proposals Submitted Online by User Agencies

Note :-All areas are in Hectares(ha.)
Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Received onView Report of Part-I & IIView Report of PartIIIView Report of PartIVSBWL Minutes of Meeting and Recommendation of State Govt.Recommendation of NBWLView TimeLine Details
1 FP/DL/MIN/22351/2016 Delhi Testing proposal of Section 2(III) Mining VAISHANAV INDUSTRY PVT LTD 10 Disposed
26 Oct 2018
2 FP/BR/Others/35995/2018 Bihar The proposal for renovation and extension of Gurudwra Sri Gurunanak Sheetal Kund Rajgir Nalanda Bihar. For this purpose 0.50 ha of forest land is required in Nalanda District Others DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM GOVT OF BIHAR 0.5 Disposed
17 Sep 2018
3 FP/BR/WATER/33325/2018 Bihar Rajgir Nager Panchyat facing acute water shortage every year in order to meet the public requirement the PHED Biharsharife has entrusted to ensure water supply from Falgu River in Nawada district through under ground pipeline the pipeline has to be passed along NH-82 to supply safe drinking water. Drinking Water EXECUTIVE ENGINEER P H DIVISION BIHARSHARIF 0.360636 Disposed
17 May 2018
4 FP/OR/ROAD/31840/2018 Orissa Construction of 200 feet master plan road from Rail Vihar to Ekamrakanan over a stretch of 1.930 KM under Executive Engineer (R&B) Division (No-III), bhubaneswar and under Tahasil: Bhubaneswar of Khurdha District. Road EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, BBSR (R&B) DIVISION NO.III. BHUBANESWAR 9.197 Disposed
03 May 2018
5 FP/MN/ROAD/20973/2016 Manipur Widening and improvement of main alignment of NH 39 (Imphal-Moreh) of 29. 516 km from Khongkhang to Moreh and alternate alignment of 24.340km from Sita to Khudhengthabi Road NHIDCL BO IMPHAL 34.675 Disposed
29 Jul 2017
6 FP/AS/MIN/1614/2017 Assam Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) under Dibru Saikhowa National Park from Baghjan PML of Tinsukia District, Assam Mining OIL INDIA LIMITED 0 Disposed
19 Jul 2017
7 FP/KL/TRANS/27023/2017 Kerala Laying of ±320kV HVDC Under Ground Power Cable from Vadakkancherri to Thrissur, Kerala Transmission Line POWERGRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED 0.098 Disposed
08 Jul 2017
8 FP/AS/TRANS/19330/2016 Assam Proposal for diversion of 208.807 Hectare forest land for construction of 400 kV D/C (Quad) Jigmelling-Alipurduar Transmission Line in the State of Assam Transmission Line POWERGRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED 208.807 Disposed
06 Jun 2017
9 FP/JH/MIN/1663/2017 Jharkhand Saidpur Bujrug China Clay and Silica Sand Mine Mining MS SMT AGNES SELINA MAND 0 Disposed
05 Jun 2017
10 FP/OR/Others/17057/2015 Orissa Establishment of Lighthouse as advised by Central Advisory Committee for Lighthouses (CACL) Others DIRECTORATE OF LIGHT HOUSES AND LIGHTSHIPS KOLKATA 0 Disposed
27 May 2017
11 FP/TN/QRY/1639/2017 Tamil Nadu G Perumal Rough stone quarry Quarrying G PERUMAL QUARRY 0 Disposed
09 May 2017
12 FP/TN/QRY/1634/2017 Tamil Nadu AVS Tech Building Solutions Quarrying AVS TECH BUILDING SOLUTIONS HOSUR 0 Disposed
06 May 2017
13 FP/TN/Others/1585/2017 Tamil Nadu Ramanathapuram-Tuticorin natural gas pipeline Others Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Pipelines Division) 46 Disposed
05 Apr 2017
14 FP/TN/IND/1579/2017 Tamil Nadu Century Plyboards (India) Limited Industry CENTURY PLYBOARDS 0 Disposed
28 Mar 2017
15 FP/JH/MIN/958/2016 Jharkhand Raibazar Kaolinised Sandstone Mining STANDARD MERCANTILE COMPANY (MINING DIVISION) PVT LTD 0 Disposed
24 Jan 2017
16 FP/OR/WATER/21815/2016 Orissa Bulk Water Supply to IIT, NISER, INFOCITY-II & other adjoining areas Drinking Water EXECUTIVE ENGINEER PHASE DIVISION III 4.31 Disposed
30 Dec 2016
17 FP/MN/ROAD/23040/2016 Manipur Construction of Moreh Bypass from NH-102 near Indo- Myanmar Border to Land Custom Port of India to Bypass Moreh Town, Manipur Road NHIDCL BO IMPHAL 6.552 Disposed
14 Dec 2016
18 FP/AP/ROAD/22175/2016 Andhra Pradesh Upgradation of NH-565 from Km.361/327 to Km.420/800 (Dornlala T Junction to Penchalakona section ) to two lane with paved shoulders in the state of Andhra Pradesh under NHDP-IV. Road MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS GOVT OF INDIA 33.459 Disposed
21 Nov 2016
19 FP/JH/RAIL/18720/2016 Jharkhand Dedicated Freight Corridor Railway DFCCIL 82.8 Disposed
15 Nov 2016
20 FP/TG/ROAD/21649/2016 Telangana Improvement of existing Road from Nakerrekal to Mallampally of NH- 365 in Warangal District - 24.80 Ha Road ROADS AND BUILDINGS DEPARTMENT NATIONAL HIGHWAY DIVISION 20.53 Disposed
30 Sep 2016
21 FP/JH/Others/20642/2016 Jharkhand CRPF-CAMP (MB-03 @ Parasanath) Others SP OFFICE 2.02 Disposed
24 Sep 2016
22 FP/JH/Others/20641/2016 Jharkhand CRPF-CAMP (MB-02 @ Parasanath) Others SP OFFICE 2.02 Disposed
24 Sep 2016
23 FP/JH/Others/20633/2016 Jharkhand CRPF-CAMP (MB-01 @ Parasanath) Others SP OFFICE 2.02 Disposed
24 Sep 2016
24 FP/BR/RAIL/17585/2016 Bihar Dedicated Freight Corridor Railway DFCCIL 63.85 Disposed
12 Sep 2016
25 FP/AS/IND/874/2016 Assam INDAdeptG project of Guwahati Refinery Industry INDIAN OIL COPERATION LIMITED 0 Disposed
31 Aug 2016
26 FP/TN/QRY/800/2016 Tamil Nadu KM GOPALIAH Quarrying GOPALIAH 0 Disposed
25 Jul 2016
27 FP/TG/IRRIG/20502/2016 Telangana Package - II & IV - DR.B.R.Ambedhkar Pranahitha - 1081.0149 Ha Irrigation CHIEF ENGINEER PROJECTS ADILABAD 567.0137 Disposed
16 Jul 2016
28 FP/TN/QRY/776/2016 Tamil Nadu Mr. Dinesh Polavarpu, Rough stone quarry Quarrying DINESH POLAVARPUR 0 Disposed
09 Jul 2016
29 FP/TG/WATER/20311/2016 Telangana Telangana Water Grid - Segment No.25/7, Banjara, Khammam Dist , 6.926 Ha Drinking Water TELANGANA DRINKING WATER SUPPLY PROJECT 6.926 Disposed
02 Jul 2016
30 FP/AP/ROAD/19041/2016 Andhra Pradesh Formation of BT road from Sivapuramgudem to Kolanubharathi temple Road PANCHAYAT RAJ ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 2.39 Disposed
01 Jul 2016