As per Aadhar Regulations 2016, User Agencies/ Proponents are advised, not to upload any personal/ confidential documents (like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID etc) at the time of filling the online application

List of Proposals Submitted Online by User Agencies

Note :-All areas are in Hectares(ha.)
Sno.Proposal No.State NameProposal NameCategoryUser Agency NameArea (ha.)Proposal StatusProposal Received onView Report of Part-I & IIView Report of PartIIIView Report of PartIVSBWL Minutes of Meeting and Recommendation of State Govt.Recommendation of NBWLView TimeLine Details
1 FP/BR/ROAD/2738/2018 Bihar Six laning of Aurangabad to Barwa Adda (KM 180.000 to 398.750) section of NH-2 in the States of Bihar and Jharkhand Submission of Wild Life Clearance Proposal for Issuance of NOC Road PROJECT DIRECTOR NHAI SASARAM 0.5554 Pending at NBWL
28 Sep 2018
2 FP/RJ/ROAD/2580/2018 Rajasthan Renewal of road from Karanpur-Mandrial road 0/0 to 10/0, 15/0 to 19/0, 26/0 to 29/0, 33/0 to 40/0 (MDR-3A) Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT RAJASTHAN JAIPUR 3.6878 Pending at NBWL
28 Jun 2018
3 FP/RJ/ROAD/2557/2018 Rajasthan Renewal of road from Bharanda Khandar Baler Karanpur Masalpur Jagner road Km 66/0 to 69/0 (MDR-3) Road PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT RAJASTHAN JAIPUR 1.62 Pending at NBWL
13 Jun 2018
4 FP/TR/TRANS/18979/2016 Tripura Construction of 132 KV Single Circuit transmission line (to be charged at 33KV voltage level from Ganganagar 33KV Sub-Station to Barabari Transmission Line TRIPURA STATE ELECTRICITY CORPORATION LIMITED 14.564466 Pending at NBWL
11 Apr 2018
5 FP/RJ/MIN/2377/2018 Rajasthan Mining of Millstone and masonry stone (minor mineral) including Khanda, Gitti and Boulders occurring as overburden and inter-burden with enhancement of production capacity from 1093 TPA to 7.5 million TPA (ROM) from ML No. 39/1990 area 964.94 ha (proposed mining area only 455.33 ha) by M/s A Milnstone Pvt. Ltd., located at village (s) Kandoli, Ghat Mining A MILNSTONE PVT LTD 0 Pending at NBWL
16 Mar 2018
6 FP/RJ/TRANS/28622/2017 Rajasthan Babai (RRPVNL) - Bhiwani (PG) 400kV D/C Transmission Line Transmission Line NRSS XXXVI TRANSMISSION LIMITED 7.452 Pending at NBWL
16 Feb 2018
7 FP/JH/MIN/2132/2018 Jharkhand Sohgara Graphite Mine of M/s Vinira Minerals Mining MS VINIRA MINERALS 0 Pending at NBWL
13 Feb 2018
8 FP/JH/MIN/2083/2018 Jharkhand purnadih graphite mine Mining MOHAN MINERALS 0 Pending at NBWL
29 Jan 2018
9 FP/RJ/IND/1782/2017 Rajasthan NBWL Clearance for All units of DCM Shriram, Kota Complex at Shriram Nagar Industrial Area, Kota, Rajasthan. Industry DCM SHRIRAM LTD 0 Pending at NBWL
31 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017
11 FP/TR/IND/15234/2015 Tripura Gojalia-GCS to OTPC-Palatana Pipeline Industry ONGC 0.646371 Pending at NBWL
31 May 2017
12 FP/RJ/TRANS/23277/2016 Rajasthan Construction of 11 Kv S/C Transmission Line Shivshakti Stone Crusher Crossing Point Jhinjhari to Bhabhan Village End Poiint Transmission Line JODHPUR VIDHYUT VITRAN NIGAM LTD 2.6768 Pending at NBWL
26 Dec 2016
13 FP/RJ/RAIL/873/2016 Rajasthan rehabilitation of existing cracked arch bridge no 150 of kota-nagda section Railway WCR/KOTA 0.5 Pending at NBWL
30 Aug 2016
14 FP/AP/Others/641/2016 Andhra Pradesh Installation of Cage Culture of GIFT Tilapia Fish in Kandaleru Reservoir. Others JOINT DIRECTOR OF FISHERIES 0.22 Pending at NBWL
14 Mar 2016
15 FP/TR/MIN/13521/2015 Tripura Drilling of location TIDD Mining ONGC 1.514 Pending at NBWL
27 Aug 2015
16 FP/TR/MIN/13525/2015 Tripura Drilling of location TIDE Mining ONGC 1.496 Pending at NBWL
27 Aug 2015
17 FP/TR/MIN/13527/2015 Tripura Drilling of location TIDF Mining ONGC 1.96 Pending at NBWL
27 Aug 2015
18 FP/TR/MIN/13524/2015 Tripura Drilling of location TIDA Mining ONGC 1.76 Pending at NBWL
27 Aug 2015
19 FP/TR/MIN/13528/2015 Tripura Drilling of location TIAG Mining ONGC 1.42 Pending at NBWL
26 Aug 2015
20 FP/TR/MIN/13529/2015 Tripura Drilling of location TIAC Mining ONGC 1.368 Pending at NBWL
26 Aug 2015